Eric Hamber Secondary

5025 Willow Street
Vancouver, British Columbia


+1 (604) 713-8927 (main office)



By foot

Please watch out both ways for cars and bicycles when crossing streets, especially at Willow and 37th.  Use the path on the west side of Willow as much as possible. Do not jaywalk across Willow.

By bicycle 

Best approached via the 37th bike route, please be mindful of cars and pedestrians, especially on Willow.  Signal clearly, and be sure to wear reflective gear and bright LED lights.

Remember: there is no such thing as bad weather for cycling, only ineffective rain gear. 


 By car

Drop off students on 33rd or 37th: avoid Willow unless requiring a drop-off point for those mobility-challenged. Do not park on Willow or in the staff parking lots. 

Please be extra cautious of pedestrians, especially those crossing on Willow, and watch out for cyclists on 37th. 

Please note that the speed limit on 37th is 30km/h (it is a designated bike route), and in the roundabout at 37th and Willow yield to those already in the intersection (firstly) or to those on the right (secondly).

By transit 

Take the Oak bus, the Cambie bus (10 minute walk), or take the metro and get off at the 41st / Oakridge station (about a 10-15 minute walk).