Fall 2018 - SACY Workshops

This fall SACY will be running a couple of workshops:

Building Bridges with your Teen: Two dates to choose from this fall: Oct 4 2018 and Nov 21 2018
A relaxed evening where we refresh our knowledge on adolescent development (the social, emotional, intellectual changes) and look at some of the science behind teen behavior and thinking. We’ll explore communication strategies that work with these changes, so that we can reduce tension at home and strengthen our teenagers capacity and responsibility as they mature. All parents are welcome.


SACY Adult Toolkit: Two dates to choose from this fall – Oct 17 2018 and Dec 12 2018
An opportunity for adults to add to their knowledge about youth, cannabis and alcohol. We’ll also touch on vaping, other substances, partying and teen development to support adults in not only talking with teens but also supporting healthy choices and changes. The evening is friendly and non-judgmental, and focuses on both facts about different substances and ways to talk with youth so that we don’t get shut down.

More information can be found here or at http://www.sacy.eventbrite.com/