2018/2019 PAC executive team

  • Donna Chao, treasurer

  • Stephanie Leung, secretary

  • Michelle Robinson, co-chair

  • Stephanie Yada, co-chair

The Hamber PAC bylaws were ratified on February 3, 2016. 

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We give thanks to all of the past parents who have given time and expertise to supporting the Hamber community in a PAC leadership capacity, including:

  • Nathan Wilkes (past chair)

  • Gloria Dommer

  • Jennifer Ma

  • Ira Heidemann

  • Rosie Schipizky

  • Carrie Bercic (past chair)

  • Howard Lam

  • Hilary Feldman

  • Sheryl Morin

  • Terry Viczko (past chair)

  • Melinda Sam